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0002 - Don't stop believing
Well, Noynoy Aquino won.

Let's hope he wont sleep on this country. Let's hope Noynoy Aquino will build something great once he dismantles what he wants to dismantle. Let's hope for unity. Let's hope those who have been chosen may endeavor to serve everyone, not just the few.

I hope Gibo and Gordon will run for public office and give more to our country. I hope Perlas will never stop being an activist. I hope JC Acosta will get more experience as a gov't official and retain his moral values. I hope Bro. Eddie will continue to teach.

I am hoping for the best. Life goes on.

Let's pick up the pieces and move forward.

Sulong, Pilipinas. I love you.

(And yet another political post. Feel free to defriend or whatever.)


To say that I am disappointed with the election results is an understatement. I am angry, dismayed and betrayed.

What is it with the voters in this nation? Why do voters believe in promises that are not even grounded in reality? Why do voters confuse "capability" with "capability for corruption" ? If you believe that shtik about the 'straight path', you better know where that 'straight path' is heading.

Noynoy, Villar and Erap are not even the best this country has to offer, and you f*cking vote for them?! GIBO is one of the best; so is GORDON -- even PERLAS.

Noynoy Aquino does not deserve to be the President of this country. Noynoy Aquino has nothing to offer. Noynoy Aquino has no accomplishments; Noynoy Aquino's track record is ABYSMAL; Noynoy Aquino gets paid just by posturing and Noynoy Aquino even SLEEPS on his job. Puro kababawan ang alam. He prioritizes his MEDIA WHORING before his JOB. Noynoy even needs cheat sheets when participating in forums. Yan ba ang taong kilala ang Pilipinas? The only reputable thing about him is he is Cory and Ninoy's son. Without Cory or Ninoy, sino si Noynoy?

Akala ko ba sawa na kayo sa kapalpakan ng gobyerno? Kung sawa na kayo, eh di mag-elect kayo ng magaling na leader, di leader na puro bola. Kung may pangako, dapat may plano. Eh anong gagawin ko sa 'matuwid na daan' na yan kung di nyo alam kung san papunta?

Sabi nyo malaki utang na loob ni Gibo kay Gloria, so tuta si Gibo ni Gloria. Eh malaki din naman utang na loob ni Noynoy kay Kris...so tuta din si Noynoy ni Kris? Gibo said: "I'll pay back everybody through good governance." What about Noynoy? He'll pay us back by going after corrupt people. What can Noynoy Aquino offer this country? Buti pa si GMA, maraming nagawa para sa economy naten kahit madumi ang gobyerno niya. Kung seryoso si Noynoy Aquino sa pagsupig sa corruption, nasan ang mga batas na sinulat nya? Nakikanta lang si Noynoy Aqunio sa inyo, kala niyo kaibigan niyo na siya!

Siguro nga hindi masamang tao si Noynoy Aquino *cough HACIENDA LUISITA*. Kaya ko rin sabihin na hindi masamang tao si GIBO, GORDON at PERLAS. Maraming nagawa si GIBO, GORDON at PERLAS para sa ating bayan, hindi niyo lang alam dahil kung anong isinubo sa inyo ng dyaryo at telebisyon, yun lang ang lulunukin ninyo... ANO NAGAWA NI NOYNOY AQUINO? Hindi nyo alam, kasi walang nagawa si Noynoy Aquino! Wala siyang napatunayan!

"Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap." STOP DREAMING, Noynoy-ites. (STOP LYING, LIBERAL PARTY. STOP LYING, KRIS.) Akala nyo simple lang ang problema ng kahirapan? Akala nyo simple lang ang problema ng corruption? Akala nyo simple lang mga problema ng Pilipinas at ng mundo? Magising nga kayo sa katotohanan na walang simple sa pamamalakad ng 90 M na Pilipino at 7,107 na isla. Magising kayo sa katotohanan na hindi Noynoy si Ninoy at hindi Noynoy si Cory. Magising kayo sa katotohan na sa gobyerno mismo ni Cory ay talamak ang corruption. Magising kayo sa katotohan na maraming taong mabait, ngunit hindi sila mabuting leader.

Six years, mga kababayan. Six years itong pagkakamali.

Kung binoto mo si Noynoy Aquino, wala kang karapatang magreklamo na walang pagbabago sa Pilipinas. Reklamo kayo ng reklamo, eh di naman kayo nagiisip.

This is what happens when I watch too much news.

014 - Vote Noynoy? Think again.
It's almost Monday. To those undecided and those voting for Noynoy:

Vote Noynoy? Think again.

  1. You think he'll win . So why bother with elections? Ilagay na lang natin siya sa Malacanang.

  2. Noynoy's records are untarnished. I will NOT sh*t sling so I've leave the stinky issues alone. If Noynoy followers really think Noynoy is 'walang bahid', then they haven't researched enough. Track record asan? What did Noynoy do with his pork barrel? The people paid him to pass laws; what did he do as a legislator?

  3. Noynoy promised to end poverty by ending corruption. Darlings, if only poverty is as simple as that. You think that poverty is only caused by corruption? Dahil walang corrupt, walang mahirap? Even rich countries have poor people. Even his mother wasn't able to get rid of corruption. What laws did Noynoy pass to end corruption? What laws did he author so that COA will have sharper fangs? What laws did Noynoy author so there will be transparency from the National government to the LGUs? What laws did Noynoy author to ensure that the Ombudsman will remain nonpartisan? What laws did Noynoy author to protect the whistleblowers? What laws did he pass to penalize those found of being corrupt? We paid him to make laws to end corruption. What has Noynoy been doing? Now, if Noynoy is serious about ending corruption, tell me about his SPECIFIC plans on how he'll do this because all I hear is promises and no roadmap. Noynoy is not ready.

  4. Noynoy is the son of Cory/Ninoy. Noynoy is a good person. (Gibo = GMA) This saddens me the most. You are not voting for Cory or Ninoy. You are not voting for GMA. Noynoy is his own man just like Gibo is his own man just like I am my own person and should not be judged by the friends I keep, the boss I worked for or the parents who gave birth to me. Look at Noynoy's track record, accomplishments and character and ask yourself why you're voting for this man. Noynoy is not Cory --please stop confusing yourself. Also, what's with Noynoy's mudfest campaigning? :(((

  5. Noynoy = People Power. People Power belongs to the people. People Power happened because of PEOPLE coming together from all walks of live to end a bad government, not only because of Cory, Ninoy or Noynoy. Cory/Ninoy/noynoy HELPED make People Power a reality just like we did. Kung wala tayo, walang People Power.

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Vote GIBO. Think.

GMA's time is ending. Vote for Gibo and you put this man in office, not GMA. This is the kind of man I think we need:

  1. A leader who will put people before himself. Best example: He left his father's wake just to bring relief goods..

  2. A leader who respects people (even his opponents), focuses on what's good in people and is respected and ADMIRED even by his opponents.


  4. A leader who knows my country, its many problems and has specific plans on how to solve them. (7:11)

  5. And I could list a lot more, but other people know more -- a lot more and and they say it better than I do.

Bakit tayo maglalakad? Pwede namang lumipad.

011 - national elections rambling
Election is almost upon us. I've already told my friends and family about this man, so now it's time to eljay -- yay!!!
< ramble >

I don't want another People Power. And I certainly don't like a Presidentiable endorsing it as if People Power belongs to his family or it's the solution to some political problems. We have taken down 2 governments with that miracle. Jeezus, haven't we had enough already?we need to build something good. And for that we need the best man/woman for the job.

I don't want a President who keeps talking about ideals, but has done nothing. I don't want a President who is a businessman at heart. I don't want a President who has already tasted Presidency, but misused his powers. I don't want a President who believes spirituality or the belief in God will solve all of our problems. I don't want a President who believes too much in himself and has occasionally stopped respecting people. I don't want a President who is a good man at the core, but is untried in governance.

I'm rooting for the Guy who:

  1. quietly did his very difficult job, never made a show out of it and never pointed fingers even when people deemed him a scapegoat
  2. (he was NDCC charman when Ondoy/Ketsana hit. It's not his fault if this country does not have enough calamity funds or the weather got funky.)
    He swam the 'sea of garbage' just to get to his office + there was zero posturing during rescue operations.
  3. has never thrown mud at anyone in his bid for presidency
  4. (Green Campaigning/Positive Campaigning.)
  5. admitted he made mistakes and moved on/believes in studying and thinking about it before giving an opinion
  6. (Facebook Q&A)
  7. broke free from the powerful politician who mentored him and "owned" him
  8. (he is a Conjuangco and he left Danding Cojuangco to be his own man)
  9. has his eyes on this country and not on the clouds
  10. (believes that there must be ideals, but there must be workable implementation of those ideals / intelligent enough to understand and solve problems and it's manifestations)
  11. has been tried in legislation/the executive branch
  12. (started out as a congressman, then was appointed as a executive secretary) bills he authored so we know he wasn't sleeping in congress.
  13. believes he is one man, he needs other people's help and he needs to listen to them

  14. Is really good looking (and has a hot wife)

This man is not the perfect Presidentiable (damn that big tie to GMA). But with all the mudslinging and the self-entitlement going around, he remained humble. Even his opponents have good things to say about him. So, idk. Seems that G1BO for President is logical.

So, guys, let your family know more about this man.

1. Know G1BO
2. Facebook
3. ABS CBN Harapan: Presidentiables >> You people need to watch this.

What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?

A Gundam!!! Endless Waltz Deathscythe. When I squint it looks like Endless Waltz Wing Zero .
Some rare orchid. Forgot the name.
Head of the Faun in Pan's Labyrinth.
That prancing/dancing Zhang Ziyi character from House of the Flying Dangers with gigantic cloth/dance prop. Headless version.

hongkong hongkong

Yup, this is the HK pic spammish post.

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The situation in Iran

my pen tablet imploded D:
Okay, maybe not. The tablet functions and the eraser tip work fine; the pen tip does not. I replaced plastic tip and it's still dead. Updating the drivers didn't work too. Must have killed the switch inside or something DDDDDDD: But, wtfLOL I doodled with the eraser tip! Pressure sensitivity still functional. Holding the thicker end of the pen felt weird like the pen was afrozen slimy tentacle or something. :| . Oh haiz, will tinker with the pen innards later.

And memeshit; tagged by heartcurl with Gundam 00, Hikaru no Go, Sherlock Holmes... [and I did Star Trek, is that ok?] LOLOLOL

01: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
02: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
04: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
05: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

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ohcaptain mahcaptain
ontd_startrek is a very educational comm. /o/ I fcking can't stp laughing goddam. [Star Trek spoilery]

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